On the Beach!

23 September 2015Year 6

What a beautiful day for a walk to Seaton Beach! This morning, in the sunshine, we studied our topic of the Victorians, developed some artwork and began to gather vocabulary by using our senses for our Literacy work.

Year 6 set out this morning armed with their sketch books, jotters, snacks and waterproofs (thankfully these were only used as comfy seats!) We were blessed with beautiful sunshine and some very keen artists as the children began to make sketches of the scene. Their main focus was the comparison between our modern day beach scene to that in the Victorian era. We then moved on to our Literacy focus, using all our senses to help create an amazing description of the beach, which will be used in narrative and poetry work.

“After walking over the scrunching seaweed and stones, whilst sketching the sun glitter on the bright blue sea, I could smell the fresh sea air.”¬†Molly & Lilley

“I enjoyed listening to the different sounds on the beach and seeing the different colours of the beach huts.” Jacob

The children really enjoyed their learning; I think they’d all agree that the beach was much better than our classrooms.

“I thought¬†today was going to be rubbish, but I had loads of fun!” Airidas

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