Move, Make, Motivate - Dance and food workshop

21 February 2018Children's Zone Sport Year 6

Before half term a selection of students from 7 schools have been coming to sessions including Badminton; Dance and Food workshop and a Athletics competition/ leadership session which is due in the summer term.

The children enjoyed a dance exercise to music session which involved themed dances to popular songs. During the dance session the students were able to play fun games which included relays with stomach crunches/ moving like bugs/ running backwards.  This was fun and increased everyone’s heart rate.

The children then engaged in a food workshop where they got a hands on experience of cooking snacks which complemented a healthy lifestyle with Karen Fanzo – Ex Food technology teacher at Axe Valley Academy.

We are looking forward to our Athletics session which includes a variety of  indoor athletics events to engage, challenge  and motivate students in a really fun way! This will be happening on Tuesday 19th June.

Kind regards

Hannah Oxley

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