Morwellham Quay

21 October 2015Year 6

Morwellham Quay

On Monday 5th October 2015, Year 6 went to Morwellham Quay, a Victorian village. We did four activities including: dressing up as rich and poor Victorian children, going on a mine train, going to school as Victorian children and investigating domestic life.

The whole year group were put into four groups: Mrs Taylor’s, Mr Johnson’s, Mrs Edgecome and Mrs Woodhouse’s group and finally Mrs Russell’s.

We learnt about how many people were in each school (roughly) and how the classes were organised. The youngest sat at the front and the older the children, the further away they sat from the teacher. The teacher was called Mr Ryan, but we had to call him Sir!

We travelled through the mines, learning about the types of equipment that were used to drill holes in the walls and to also get the water out from the mines so it didn’t flood.

We dressed up as Victorian children and took photos. The teachers dressed up too and we got a nice picture of Mr Johnson and Mrs Taylor together!

A woman called Rosie explained about how rich and poor people lived differently. We were shown around some houses and were asked to identify which house belonged to the rich and which belonged to the poor. Also, there was another ‘house’ which belonged to the pigs!

The reason we did all this is because our topic this term is the Victorians. Overall it was a great trip and all of Year 6 (especially the teachers ;->) loved all the activities.

By Amy and Hannah

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