Yr 5 Iron Age Day @ Escot

15 October 2015Year 5

On 24th September the whole of Year 5 packed away their technology and entered in to the life of our Iron Age ancestors. We visited the Living History Village at Escot Park where we learnt about how people lived between 4000 and 1000 years ago (with a small Roman invasion in between).

After our guide Alan got us all lost in the maze we decamped to the village and learnt a little history of the Great King Æthelstan (hooray) and the vile William the Conqueror (spit). We also discussed how we might discover the way people used to live, looking at the things that they left behind and the techniques of experimental Archaeology.

Each class sampled various aspects of this ancient life, costumes were worn, slaves were assigned (and treated with suitable disrespect) and jobs were allocated. Luckily for us there were various experts to show us how to do things. Richard the Axeman showed us how to make planks from a tree trunk. Maddy the Cook helped us prepare the food and the firewood, including grinding our own flour. Nick the Blacksmith smelted the metal to make the weapons and money. Will the Turner was the master of pole lathe and building. Poppy the Slave showed us how to wattle and daub the walls of the new hut. While all this was going on, Chief Alan ruled the village with the wit and wisdom befitting a great leader.

We finished the day by making coins and discussing how they would have been used as well as how the Vikings ran off with most of them. We also sampled bread that had been baked using the flour that we had ground. We took our leave from the village and climbed aboard our 21st Century transport for the journey home. Many of us were unsure whether we were returning to an easier or more difficult life.

Year 5 would like to thank our excellent guides for the day and hope readers of this blog enjoy the pictures documenting our activities.


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