Year 4 French Cafe

Year 4 hosted their own French cafés at café Eiffel and Café Del-a-fosse. The children have been practicing asking for different French breakfast food and drink and taking each other’s orders. Each child played the part of waiter/waitress and customer. They had to speak in French using their menu and key phrases and then place their order with the kitchen. We sampled a range of drinks; jus d’orange, jus pomme or l’eau. Then had either croissant, pain au chocolat or brioche and finally enjoyed baguettes with fromage/jambon or confiture. We finished off with a small cup of chocolat chaude. It was a very successful morning with the children embracing trying to speak a different language and trying different foods. Thank you to Mrs Winnett and Mrs Moore for all their help as café owners whilst we were manning the kitchen.

Designed & developed by Hambly Freeman