Year 3's visit to the library!

11 March 2016Year 3

Yeat 3 visited Seaton library to see the fantastic children’s author, Amy Sparkes and illustrator, Susie Tyler.

Amy talked about her new book, ‘Estella and the falling star’ and read some of it to the children. They thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the characters from the book.

The illustrator of the book, Susie then showed the children how she drew the shadow-shark from the story. As a class, they then came up with their sea creature. It was fantastic to see the children working together creatively to come up with a character.

Each child could then create their own, individual sea beast. All children were really inspired and came up with some fantastic ideas. I’m happy to see that many of these ideas have had an impact on the main characters in the current story they are writing!

Signed copies are available from the Owl and Pyramid Bookshop, along with some of Susie’s postcards, badges and magnets.

Amy’s blog about this visit can be found at:


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