Year 3 Egyptian day

21 October 2015Year 3

During our school open day, Year 3 held an Egyptian day which involved the children dressing up as Egyptians and taking part in fun, themed activities.

In the morning the children moved around a carousel of activities including; making clay gods, creating their own secret codes using hieroglyphics, decorating an Egyptian neck collar and preparing Egyptian style flat bread.

After break, we did a mummification demonstration.┬áThis involved a volunteer having his brains pulled out of his nose using a hook, his organs removed and placed in canopic jars and his insides being stuffed with cloth (amongst many other gruesome things!) The children thoroughly enjoyed acting this out (don’t worry, it wasn’t real!) and we’re sure they won’t forget many of the steps to mummification any time soon!

In the afternoon the children had the opportunity to try some of the foods that would have been eaten regularly in Ancient Egypt. Unfortunately, the figs and dates didn’t go down particularly well! However, the children very quickly demolished the flat breads they had made in the morning!

Finally, we had a competition to see which group could make the best mummy. The task was to work together as a team to wrap a team mate up in loo rolls. Surprisingly, this was rated as the most fun activity of the day!

All involved had a great day and we would like to thank the children for such fantastic enthusiasm. We would also like to thank the visitors we had throughout the day, the children commented on how nice it was that you all took an interest and asked questions. Our final thanks go to the parents for some absolutely brilliant costumes! And of course, for supplying the loo rolls!

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