Who's been in our classroom?!

27 February 2017Year 1

This term, the Year One topic is Enchanted Forest, our classrooms have been modified so they are as enchanted as possible and we were all ready to start our learning, but…
Unfortunately, over the half term break, we had a visitor in the Year One classrooms. When the children arrived at school, there were large, muddy footprints all over the classroom, tufts of dark brown hair everywhere, some claws and tusks left lying around, purple prickles stuck in the carpet and a poisonous wart stuck to the wall – what a mess! We employed the children as detectives and before long they had worked in out – a Gruffalo had been in our classroom! We hunted high and low around the school, looking for the Gruffalo but he was no where to be found!

We have spent time learning the story of the Gruffalo and the children’s imaginations have been put to use as we have designed our own terrible creatures. The children have all been very engaged in this, and are excited for the rest of the Enchanted Forest work that we will be doing



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