Social Stories

22 February 2017Teacher's Zone

Many children can deal with social situations and times when things are difficult, or do not go their way. Other children may not read social situations as well and may require help to understand them.

Social Stories were first developed in 1991 by Carol Gray.  They are used to promote social understanding in children on the autistic spectrum and are a tool for helping children to get their head around everyday situations.

Social Stories are written with a particular goal in mind and follow a clear set of criteria. Each one describes a situation, skill or concept using positive language.  Each story has a title and introduction that introduces the topic, a main section containing more detail and a conclusion that reinforces and summarises the information. Stories need to be as accurate as possible and should include words like ‘sometimes’ and ‘usually’ for situations where a particular outcome is not guaranteed. Stories should also try to appeal to the interests of the person for whom they are written.

There are guidelines and further information on how to introduce social stories in the link below:


For more information please follow the link:


We can use the tool ‘Widgit Online’ to quickly and easily create social stories. Please see Mrs Kay if you need the log in details.

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