Reception Newsletter 5th March 2020

23 March 2020Parent Year R

Dear Parents,

What an exciting week we have had! The children have been very proud of their costumes today and really enjoyed showing them off to their teachers and other children. We have also had parent evenings, which were a really valuable opportunity to talk about your child’s success so far this year. Thank you for ensuring that you could make the appointment.

This week we have taught the tricky words there and, tomorrow, one. We have also explored how to read and write words beginning with the consonant clusters ‘br’, ‘sn’, and ‘tr’.

Next week we will continue to work on our consonant clusters, so will be looking at words beginning with ‘sp’, ‘cr’, ‘gr’ and ‘pl’. We will also be teaching the tricky words what and when.

The week we have been introducing the children to the ‘Supertato’ story and started to rehearse the words, using a story map and actions to help us. We have also worked hard to finish writing about our own superheroes, and have a few children left to complete this tomorrow.

Next week, we will continue to learn the Supertato story, and begin writing down parts of it. We will spend the next two weeks writing as much of the story as we can.

This week in Maths we have continued to find out about the properties of 2D shapes. We have all played descriptive bingo games, in which the children became more used to using the language of sides and corners.

Next week we will revisit our number bonds to 10. We will explore these using numicon and practice writing down a number sentence to match. Some of us will be supported to use a number line to count on to find out what the second number could be (for example, if they have picked up a 6, we will be counting up from 6 to 10 to find the difference).

Things to try at home this week

  • Try some of the fine motor activities that were handed out at parent evenings. This will help to strengthen your child’s hands and to use tools such as scissors and pencils. It’s also fantastic for handwriting development.
  • Draw or find the shapes: square, triangle, rectangle, and circle. Ask your child to describe a shape to you and cross it off to play bingo with them.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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