Phonics actions

24 November 2016Year R

Here is a list of the actions we teach in Reception to help the children recall their phonemes. We are partway through learning these – please check our latest newsletter to see where we are up to.

s Make snake movement with hand and arm
a Hand at mouth like eating an apple
t Bend arm at elbow and turn into a ticking hand
p Point with your index finger
i Make fingers crawl up arm like an insect
n Touch your nose
m Rub tummy and say ‘mmm’
d Play a drum
g Walk fingers along (‘go’)
o Put hands together to make an octopus
c Pretend to cough into hand
k Flick index finger as if flicking a ball
ck Quack your hands like a duck
e Make an elephants trunk with your arm
u Put up an imaginary umbrella
r Indicate a roaring animal with hands
h Pant into hand as if out of breath
b Bounce a ball
f Wrap your arms around yourself as if freezing
l Pretend your finger is a lolly to lick
j Wobble like a jelly
v Pretend to drive a van
w Wave!
x Cross your arms in front of you to form an x
y Punch the air, yes!
z Do up a zip
qu Make a queens crown on your head
ch Karate chop with your arm
sh Put your finger on your lips to shush
th Stick up your thumb
ng Show the strong muscles in your arms
ai Make falling rain with fingers
ee Point to cheeks and teeth and show a cheesy grin
igh Point up high
oa Look shocked
oo (long) Peekaboo
oo (short) Open hands like a book
ar Punch arm like a pirate
or Pretend to beep a horn
ur Stroke fur on arm
ow (cow) Shake hand as if hurt
ow (snow) Blow snow from palm of hand
oi Point aggressively!
ear Touch ear
air Wave the air
ure Hold chin (Are you sure?)
er Roll hands around each other like a mixer
Designed & developed by Hambly Freeman