Yr5 World War Two Day

2 December 2015Latest News Year 5

On Thursday 26th of November Year Five was visited by their local ARP warden. The warden told us of the importance of following the air raid precautions to protect ourselves from enemy bombing. The warden reminded us to ‘do our bit’ for the war effort on the home front and how we could make the lost out of our rations.

All of us were able to get hands on with artefacts from the war as well as thinking about what it would have been like to be child during the war. What were the rules that needed to be followed that would help protect those at home and at the front. With the importance of working together and a strong team ethic were reinforced while trying to crack a coded message sent by a British Agent in occupied France so that vital supplies could be dropped.

In the afternoon our experience was interrupted when the air raid siren went off and we had to head for the shelters. After helping each other through the scary moments in the shelter we were glad to hear the all clear sound. However, on leaving the shelter we were confronted with one more test of our teamwork. Discovering that an incendiary device had landed in the school grounds we worked quickly to douse the flames and dispose of the device.

The day helped the children understand the difficulties and stresses that children during the war would have experienced and we were all glad to return to the safety of Seaton in 2015.

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