Year 6 Leavers Assembly

30 July 2015Latest News Year 6

On the final day of term the whole school gathered in the hall for a special leaver’s assembly. We listened to anecdotes that the children read out about their time at school and what they were grateful for and would miss. Mr Johnson organised a surprise presentation reflecting on the year 6’s achievements at school. The assembly finished with a special music video, made by Mr Lewis,¬†featuring the year 6’s to the tune of 5,6,7,8 from their production of Ye-Ha.

We wish year 6 every success in their futures and hope that they have a fantastic summer before moving on to pastures new.

Good luck!

Ye-ha-2Seaton Primary School

Only four years, even so, I got to know,

What magic lies beneath this very roof.

So, exactly what did I learn here? What magic?

Well, can’t you see it? Floating all around.

And I know you do see it, just know sound.

I built the bricks I stand upon, using this magic,

I grew out of my tight shell, using this magic,

I speak of sparks of joy and tears, using this magic!

And do you want to know the most amazing thing,

My humungous secret?

The magic is you!yr6PGL15

All of you mad teachers!

You taught me to stand with my head high,

Not to be afraid of expressing myself and pore over boring work, in such a way, that it actually looks as if I am working!

My peers, I give you many cheers, for being there along this crazy but fantastic roller coaster,

I will miss you very much, maybe even more than Christmas lunch.

Also, you ought to know, what some teachers know already;

I prefer sending notes instead of speaking directly.

As Mr Lewis remembers, from the time I forgot my school password,

sent an unexpected letter to explain my shame,

and received an unexpected reply in the middle of a lesson.

My fate was enclosed inside an envelope,

which resulted in me ripping it open and finding words that gave me deep worry, relief and the key to a brighter future –

Unlocking my secret stash of writing gold.

yr6pgl215To sum up this confusing gobbledy-goo,

Let me give you all the true definition of the word ‘teacher’.

Beforehand, I’ll just make clear that I have no intention of offending any of you teachers, and with hindsight, I hope you will forgive me.

Teacher (noun) a person who help you solve problems you would never have without them. ‘Maths’ problems I mean.

Anyhow, let me say the most shocking, mind-boggling , crazy-crazy thing I have ever said; goodbye Seaton Primary School,

And I think I speak for year 6 when I say; I will miss you very much!

Raya – Year 6 leaver

Designed & developed by Hambly Freeman