Year 5/6 Federation Sports Day

The Four Federation schools sent teams of 8 children from Years 5 & 6 to represent their schools across a range of sporting events. The children competed in sprinting, Up & Under, vortex howler throw, skipping and a team relay race. It was a closely contested event with Seaton winning the Year 5 competition and Kilmington winning the Year 6 competition. Overall Seaton narrowly won the sports day with a total of 54 points. All the children were excellent ambassadors for their schools and showed the level of sporting talent we have within our federation. I look forward to seeing the Axe Beacon Federation have future success at the Indoor and Outdoor Quad Kids events next year. Thank you to all the children and staff for their support and help on the day. Mr Delfosse

Overall Positions:
1st – Seaton 54 points
2nd – Kilmington 49 points
3rd – Colyton 32 points
4th – Shute 28 points

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