Year 2 Tennis Experience

12 July 2022Latest News

On Monday, Year 2 took part in an experience session down at Seaton Tennis Club.

Toby, the head coach, got the children to warm up with some tennis drills across the court first. The children then had to use their hand as a racket and hit the ball up into the air before letting it bounce, then hitting it back up again. Many children progressed to clapping their hands in between!

Then came a paired activity where children once again had to use their hands as rackets and hit the ball to their partner. The challenge was to do this as many times as possible, or to complete the number that Toby shouted out.

Finally, each child had a go at hitting the ball with a real racket over the net for other children to catch. We saw some brilliant hits and accurate aims, as well as some fantastic catching skills!

Seaton Tennis Club run coaching sessions for all school aged children – there were many Year 2s who were very keen to sign up and showed some real talent!

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