Year 2 at Seaton Wetlands

On Friday Year 2 spent the day down at Seaton Wetlands with Penny (Education Ranger) carrying out activities related to our Science topic of Living Things and Their Habitats.

We did pond dipping and found lots of exciting water creatures, including baby newts, stickleback fish, dragonfly and damsel fly nymphs, water scorpions, water stick insects and water beetles! We also explored what life would be like under the surface of the water using our underwater camera.

Under the roof of the pond dipping shelter there was a swallow’s nest with 4 chicks inside. Whilst we were pond dipping, the adult swallows kept bravely flying through us to feed their chicks – it was fantastic to see! (see photos below)

We also spent some time hunting for minibeasts in the grassy areas. Using sweep nets, pooters and trowels we found many different creatures including grasshoppers, crickets, aphids, spiders, worms, butterflies and even a damsel fly!

Finally we did a craft activity where we made fish using willow and reed grass. This was tricky and required a lot of perseverence, but all of the fish looked brilliant!

Everyone had a brilliant day and we all found creatures we had never seen before. Keep an eye out for opportunities to do these Wetlands activities at the weekends.

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