Victorian Day

21 March 2017Latest News Year 6

On Tuesday 21st March, Year 6 spent the day in role as Victorian school children. Their red hoodies were swapped for muted colours and monochrome; heads were topped with hats and bonnets; girls who usually choose to wear trousers and shorts came suitably dressed in skirts and dresses.

After lining up outside, entering the classrooms (girls through one door and boys through the other) and sitting down in rows from the youngest to the oldest, the children were taught the rules. Standing when an adult entered the room was a novelty as was calling the teachers Sir and Ma’am.

The morning’s lessons included the four Rs: reading, writing, arithmetic and religious education. Copperplate handwriting was practised, times tables were chanted and the children read from the Bible.

During the afternoon, the girls and boys were separated for activities. To prepare them for the world of work, the girls developed their sewing skills while the boys practised technical drawing. Following this the children were allowed some free time in the sunshine playing a variety of Victorian games.

The day was punctuated with standing in line, times of silence, hand inspections and chanting. Where rules were not abided by, punishments were used – much to the amusement of the children!

We hope the children enjoyed the day as much as we did but are looking forward to a more normal day tomorrow!



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