Seaton Wetlands Trip

6 November 2016Latest News Year 2


On Friday, both Year 2 classes went down to the Wetlands and spent the day carrying out activities led by Education Ranger Penny Evans. All the activities related to our Science topic on Animals, particulary how wild animals survive the winter months.

First we completed a treasure hunt on our walk to the outdoor classroom, collecting leaves and berries from evergreen and deciduous trees.

Then we pretended to be squirrels! We each had to hide an acorn with our name on it in the wetlands area, then after lunch we had to go and find them again. Most of us had very good memories, but a few did get lost!

Before lunch we carried out an experiment to see who could make the warmest winter ‘coat’ for a doormouse. We were given a plastic bottle to cover with different types of material and then this was filled with hot water. Each group made a nest for their doormouse to sit in and then we checked the temperature of the water after lunch. A thick coat of sheeps wool proved to be the best!

In the afternoon, we used ropes and team work to pull logs to a new area of the Wetlands, and we also made a bird feeder each to take home and provide our garden birds with some winter food.

We all had a fantastic day and learnt a lot!


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