Seaton Reading Challenge & World Book Day

Seaton Primary School celebrate World Book Day with the launch of the Reading Challenge.

Seaton Primary School received tremendous funding from Seaton & District Lions Club and the school PTA for the Reading Challenge. On Tuesday 21st February, the children of Seaton Primary School came to school dressed as their favourite book characters to celebrate World Book Day. It was also the day when Seaton Primary School’s Reading Challenge was launched.  Mr. Johnson (Literacy Co-ordinator) welcomed members from Seaton & District Lions Club (including President Jim Partridge-Hogbin, Ian Barradale and Janine Barradale) and Seaton Primary School PTA to officially present the school with cheques to spend on a selection of new books.  Thanks to funding of £655.02 from Seaton & District Lions Club (which was matched by Seaton Primary School PTA), each year group has been given a couple of copies of a selection of 15 books, specifically chosen to help children explore books written by a number of different authors, including stories from other cultures, historical and traditional tales, as well as some non-fiction texts.

Children are encouraged to read the books themselves, to parents/siblings/other family members, or be read to.  Some of the books may be challenging for the children, so family and friends will need to provide a little help to allow them to enter the incredible stories and be exposed to the wonderful language.  The books are intended to help develop their reading ability and love of books.

The year group Reading Challenge books come with a selection of certificates for the children to aim towards.  Each year, children will gain a certificate for reading the following:

  • 4 books from the Reading Challenge    –  Bronze Award
  • 7 books from the Reading Challenge    –  Silver Award
  • 10 books from the Reading Challenge  –  Gold Award

 The books were ordered locally at the Owl and Pyramid book shop in Seaton by Jenny Eagles, who kindly assisted with book choice and delivering the books to school. The children are really excited about this and have already taken Reading Challenge books home, motivated to read the wonderful stories and fascinating facts on their quest to achieve the awards.

A big thanks must go to Seaton & District Lions Club and the PTA for their contributions that made this Reading Challenge possible.

Designed & developed by Hambly Freeman