Reception Newsletter 9th November

9 November 2017Latest News Parent Year R

Dear Parents,

The children have been really excited this week exploring their own ideas for different extra-terrestrial planets and creatures! They have produced some fantastic drawings and worked hard to label some of their creations too.


Next week we will be exploring addition. The children will be working in pairs to add two groups of our counting objects together to find the total. We will be introducing the + and = symbols to children and using vocabulary related to addition and equals, such as ‘add’, ‘plus’ ‘put together’, ‘total’, ‘altogether makes’ etc.


We will be launching off into space but first we need to pack a bag! The children will be cutting, sticking and drawing objects in their own ‘space case’ ready for a journey to space. They will be doing lots of discussion, role play and singing to support this, as well as attempting some labelling. Some of us will even try out writing a sentence.

Reading Books

Thank you for your support with hearing your child read their first books so quickly and regularly already! As anticipated, we are always challenged time-wise to hear every child read and to change their books as often as we would all like. Unfortunately, we have a very busy timetable with many activities to squeeze in to deliver a fun, engaging curriculum for your children. This means that the lengthy task of reading with individuals is extremely difficult to achieve. If you would like to volunteer some of your time to help us hear readers, we would very much appreciate it. Please do let us know if you are available! Thank you once again for your support and understanding.

Upcoming dates to remember:

Friday 10th November – Non-uniform in exchange for chocolate tombola item

Tuesday 14th November – Individual school photos

Friday 17th November – Wear Pyjamas for Children in Need (suggested 50p donation)

Friday 24th November – Christmas Bazaar after school (5:30pm – 7:30pm)

Wednesday 29th November – Open Day for current and prospective parents (9:30 – 11am) and (2-3pm)

Monday 11th/Tuesday 12th December – Nativity performances (details to follow)

Thursday 14th December – Parent Involvement (9am – 11:15am)

Friday 15th December – Break up from school for Christmas

Wednesday 3rd January – Children return to school

Things to try at home this week

  • Practise writing the letters c, a and o. you can do this in a variety of ways; in the air, using fingers in sand or salt or paint, sticks in the mud, chalks and real pens and pencils.
  • Explore the ‘Letters and Sounds’ website (found here) for free games and resources related to Phonics phase 1 and 2.

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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