Reception Newsletter 9th March

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had another lovely week at school, where we have been practising our writing, learning about 3d shapes and exploring some new resources bought with money raised by the PTA. We are very lucky!


This week we received a letter from ‘Super Stan’ asking us for help. He had bumped his head during a rescue mission and wanted us to piece together what happened using three pictures. We had lots of fun thinking up ideas for how he’d bumped his head and which exciting rescues had taken place, then had a go at applying our phonics knowledge to write sentences. Some of us even used exclamation marks to make our writing more exciting! Next week the children will have a go at writing some super sentences without our help. We are looking forward to seeing the children give it a good try and awarding lots of ‘Spira the snail – keeping on going’ stickers!


This week we have introduced the children to some 3D shapes (cylinders, cones, cuboids, cubes and spheres) and have talked about the number of faces, edges and corners, as well as other properties, such as whether they can be stacked or if they can roll. Next week we will be working on number again, exploring more counting, estimating and comparing.


We are still working on Phase 4, learning to read words of four or more sounds. We are really impressed with the children’s application of their phonics knowledge in their writing and reading. Keep up the reading practise at home!

Parent Involvement Morning

We will hold another Parent Involvement morning later this term. This will be on Friday 31st March. As we are learning about superheroes, we invite parents and carers to join us in dressing up as a superhero (real or made up) along with your child. We will hold a morning of different superhero ‘challenges’, where you can work with your child and as part of a team to complete different, fun activities. We really hope you can join us for the morning, from 9am – 11:30am, and will send a sign-up sheet out for the event next week.

Reading Challenge

Thank you for your interest and support already regarding the Reading Challenge. We aim to change these books on a Friday, so please ensure that they are returned on this day. Due to limited supply please be aware that your child might not get a challenge book every week, especially if they have already ticked many off of the list. We thank you for your understanding with this and are happy to hear many parents are sharing their personal books when possible – this is extremely generous of you.

Sports for Schools

Today the children were introduced to our ‘Sports for Schools’ challenge this year. On Friday  17th March Paralympic swimmer and Paralympic Triathlete, David Hill, will be coming into school to talk to the children about his career and cheer on the children taking part in the Sports For Schools exercise circuit. The circuits the children will be doing are available to watch on our school website (click here). The children will be able to purchase wristbands for the event, a blue one costing £1 and a red one, autographed by David Hill, costing £2.

Red Nose Day

On the 24th of March, children are invited to dress up in something funny for Red Nose Day, with a suggested donation of 50p to raise money for the cause. We look forward to having lots to laugh at on the day.

Things to try at home:

  • See which 3D shapes children can identify in your home. The kitchen cupboards are a great place to find lots of cylinders and cuboids.
  • Take a walk around your local area. Can your children spot any changes in the environment now that we are approaching spring?

Dates for the diary:

Friday 17th March – ‘Sports for Schools’ circuits challenge

Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st March – Reception Parent Evenings (sign-up appointment sheets will be available outside classrooms next week)

Friday 24th March – Red Nose Day

Thursday 30th March – Reception & Key Stage 1 Parent Easter Assembly, 9:15 –10:30am

Friday 31st March – Reception Parent Involvement, 9am – 11:30am (Superhero dress up)


Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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