Reception Newsletter 8th February

8 February 2018Latest News Parent Year R

Reception Newsletter 08.02.18

Dear Parents,

It was lovely to see you at Parent Evenings this week and to share your child’s progress with you. We hope to see you next half term too for a Parent Involvement session.

Parent Involvement

We will be holding another Parent Involvement morning on Monday 19th March from drop-off time until 11:30am. Our theme next half term is Superheroes (with the exception of Cinderella for ‘Take a Tale’ week!). We invite all parents and children to dress up as a superhero. This can be a real life hero, a fictional hero from comic books or TV or a superhero you have made up. We hope to be able to use our playground, but will have the hall as a back-up if not. Another letter will be sent out after half term.

‘Wow’ moments

Here in Reception we appreciate that your child achieves many things at home too, and so we would like to celebrate these achievements at school. We will be sending home ‘wow’ moment slips so that you can record any special achievements, such as riding a bike without stabilisers, cutting up dinner, making observations of the world etc. These then get returned to us in school to share with the class. They also help us to build up a wider picture of your child and some of the things they may achieve at home. We look forward to our first ‘wow’ moments being returned to us.


The children have really loved acting out the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and thinking of their own ideas for what the characters might say in their speech bubbles. Lots of their work from this week will be going on display in the hall.

Next half term we will be learning the traditional tale ‘Cinderella’ and thinking of different creative ways for her to get to the ball (e.g. a jetpack).


This week we have had a big focus on recognising teen numbers and making sure we say ‘teen’ on the end instead of ‘ty’ (for example 14 ‘fourteen’ instead of 40 ‘forty’). We have been working hard to solve some number sentence problems with counting objects and deciding if they are right or wrong.


We have been recapping our digraphs and trigraphs from Phase 3 and will be continuing to do so after half term too. Please ensure you are reinforcing this learning by reading regularly with your child at home.

Reading Challenge Books

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm already with sharing these books with your children. Please make sure you fill in the sheet in the back of your child’s reading record to let us know when you shared the book and who it was that read it. Otherwise it will not be changed. Please ensure these books are in school on Wednesdays. This is our set day for changing Reading Challenge books; the library is not available to us at other times. If you unsure which book is a ‘Reading Challenge’ book, please check the front cover where it has a ‘Rec’ sticker, or check the title on the reading challenge sheet. Thank you.

Upcoming dates to remember:

12th – 16th February – Half term holiday

23rd February – Cinderella dress up day for ‘Take a Tale’ week

19th March – Parent Involvement Morning 9-11:30

Things you could try at home in half term:

  • Try out some of the Fine Motor activities in our booklet (given out on Parent Evenings). These are perfect ‘wet day’ activities to keep busy but also improve handwriting skills too. You may also like to practise letter formation.
  • Go on a walk to search for teen numbers on houses.
  • Write some ‘wow’ moments about some things you have been impressed by this half term.

Have a lovely break!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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