Reception Newsletter 5th October

5 October 2017Latest News Parent Year R

Dear Parents,

We have had a lovely week practising our harvest performance and starting our Maths lessons, in which we have been using lots of objects to represent different numerals. We have also enjoyed meeting our phonics friends more, and learning the sounds ‘i’, ‘n’, ‘m’ and tomorrow we will be learning ‘d’. We have also learnt the tricky word ‘I’. We have had some lovely feedback about some children using the ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’ app – thank you for supporting their learning at home.

Harvest Festival and Donations

Thank you for your donations to our Harvest Festival food bank. We will still be receiving items for a short while after our Harvest performance, so if you still have things to bring in it will be much appreciated. The children have been practising our Harvest songs very hard at school (and some at home too!) and really impressed the rest of the school. We will record a performance for you to view on our website soon.

Healthy Lunchboxes and Snacks

Now that more children are having packed lunches, we are noticing a range in their contents and as members of a healthy school we would like to direct you the NHS advice ‘change 4 life’ for some examples of healthier lunch options.

Please only fresh fruit or vegetables at snack time.

Next week

In Maths we will be taking part in a number hunt, and learning to count objects that cannot be moved, sounds and actions. We will play some games together to practise this skill, working with numerals to 10. In Phonics we will be learning the sounds ‘g’, ‘o’, ‘c’, ‘k’ and ‘ck’ (our first digraph!) and also the tricky word ‘to’. For those of you who are interested in how the sounds are pronounced, please take a look at this (old but helpful!) video on our website.


We have had a few reported cases of headlice throughout the school recently. Please check your child’s hair and treat them if necessary. Thank you.

Things to try at home this week

  • Ask your child who they would like a play date with. We can help point you towards the correct parents if you are not sure!
  • Take part in a number or letter hunt around your home or local area. Number plates on cars have both!

Thanks for your continued support. Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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