Reception Newsletter 4th October 2018

4 October 2018Latest News Parent Year R

Dear Parents,

This week we have been very busy rehearsing our songs for the Harvest Festival which will be held tomorrow. Unfortunately due to space constraints parents are unable to attend this event but we will be performing our songs next Friday 12th October in the school hall at 3pm.

Reading Books

Tomorrow your child will bring home a reading book to share with you. We encourage you to read this book as often as possible, but this doesn’t need to be read all the way through at once. Some of the books are longer with activities to try – this can be read over several days, ideally when your child isn’t tired or hungry! Try and make the experience fun and relaxing. Encourage your child to spot sounds and talk about the pictures. In the middle of your child’s reading record is a handy guide to phonics and reading, as well as the graphemes we are learning. School reading books should be read as much as possible by your child with some guidance and support from you.

We also encourage you to read other texts with your child – your local library has many exciting books to borrow for free! It is very important that books are re-read many times, so that your child can become familiar with the text and begin to recognise some words by sight. Comprehension (understanding) of books is also very important, so discussing stories and events is a great way to develop this.

‘Tricky word ladders’ are for sight reading (words that cannot be sounded out). You can tell your child what they say and try reading them each day, in different orders. You could also write these words on paper and hide around the house to find and read or play bingo! Tricky word ladders will be sent out over the next few weeks. We will change your child’s books and tricky word ladders when we feel it is necessary. Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please do come and speak to us.

Treasure Maps

Many of the children have enjoyed making treasure maps at school this week and a few parents have been helping produce some wonderful maps at home. We will be using the children’s interests in some of our planning next week to include tea-staining paper for maps and some pirate play in one of our tuff spot trays outside.


This week in Phonics we have been learning the sounds g, o, c and tomorrow we will be focusing on the tricky word ‘to’. Next week we will be learning the sounds k, ck, e, u and r. As well as the tricky word ‘no’.


Next week we will continue to focus on numbers 0-5 and beyond. We will be thinking about some of the different ways to represent these numbers and the children will have the opportunity to explore some of our maths resources. The children will have lots of practical activities to support this.

Things to try at home this week

  • Read your child’s reading books! This will be very tricky at first and the most important thing for now is that they are able to recognise individual letters and their sounds. They will need lots of support with this but enjoy sharing their learning with you.
  • Go on a local walk – perhaps the beach, park or wetlands.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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