Reception Newsletter 3rd November

3 November 2016Latest News Parent Year R

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had a very excitable week, with lots of half term news to share! The children have been introduced to writing this week, learning how to form some letters in ‘handwriting’ sessions and how to start labelling pictures. All of the children showed a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity for writing and were pleased to be making meaningful marks on their pictures. We have also talked about the celebrations happening this week (e.g. Halloween, Bonfire night) and about keeping safe around fire and fireworks.


This week in Phonics the children have been learning the sounds f, l, ff, ll and tomorrow, ss. We have also learnt some tricky words and will send home the first tricky word ladders and reading books soon. Don’t forget, there is a helpful video on our website which shows how our phonics graphemes are pronounced. You can find it here:


In Maths this week the children have been adding two groups of objects together and looking at the special symbols used when we record number problems, such as + and =.  The children have all been very excited about writing down these symbols and we were very impressed with their number sentence attempts.

Library Times

Next week our library times have changed. Mrs Burkill’s class will change their books on Monday. Miss Mabin’s class will change their books on Tuesday.

Parent Involvement

Today your child will bring home a letter about parent involvement morning, which will take place on Tuesday 29th November, from 9:00am – 11:00am. Please return the reply slip to us when you know if someone will/will not be attending. If your child did not bring home a letter please ask us for another!

Parent Evenings

Parent evenings will take place on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd November. Sign-up sheets will be displayed outside the classrooms the week before (Monday 14th) for you to select a slot.


Just a quick reminder/request to label your child’s snack. We have had a lot of children recently with similar snacks and none of them labelled, meaning that some children are getting upset if they believe someone has taken theirs. Please ensure that it is labelled and that your child knows it is theirs. If your child is unsure of their name at the moment, a picture can help.  We also ask that snacks are fresh fruit or vegetables only. Thank you.

Upcoming dates to remember:

11th November – ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ dressing up day

15th November – Individual school photos

17th November – Wear Pyjamas for Children in Need (suggested 50p donation)

18th November – INSET day – non-pupil day

21st/22nd November – Parent Evenings

29th November – Parent Involvement morning 9am – 11am

1st December – Christmas Bazaar after school (5:30pm – 7:30pm)

12th/13th December – Nativity performances (details to follow)

Things to try at home this week

  • Take your child on a letter and number hunt, looking for them in the surrounding environment, e.g. car number plates, door numbers, shop window fronts, menus etc.
  • Practise writing the letters c, a and o. you can do this in a variety of ways; in the air, using fingers in sand or salt or paint, sticks in the mud, chalks and real pens and pencils.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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