Reception Newsletter 3rd May 2018

Reception Newsletter 3.5.18

Dear Parents,

We have all been very excited this week as we’ve discovered a Robin’s nest on the black beam by our classroom wall. There has been lots of talk about what the Robins are collecting for their nest.


This week we have learnt the tricky word ‘were’ and have once again been working hard to read and write trickier words and to spot digraphs in words and sentences. Next week we are learning the tricky word ‘there’ and will carry on practising reading and writing words with adjacent consonants (consonants next to each other, like brush or tent).


This week we have been learning to estimate quantities of objects and count to check if our estimate was a clever and thoughtful guess. We have also been looking at amounts of objects to 20 and working out whether we can share them in half. We’ve talked about whether they are even numbers (can be shared equally between two people) or odd numbers (cannot be shared between two).


This week we have been thinking about how we can look after dragons and were very excited to meet a bearded dragon named Puff (Mrs McNeice’s family pet). The children thought of some lovely ideas for this, such as a blanket to keep them warm, lots of cuddles at night and friends to play with. We then wrote some instructions and information about what our dragon needs. Next week we will be learning a new story map in preparation for writing our own stories. We will also be trying lots of exciting Literacy challenges.


Mrs Burkill’s class – Mondays

Miss Mabin’s class – Tuesdays

Things you could try at home

  • Practise reading and writing tricky words. We will be sending tricky word sheets home tomorrow showing how many your child knew when checked this week.
  • Take a walk outside to look for bird nests. Which birds can you see?
  • Practise writing sentences with a focus on finger spaces.

Dates for the diary

Monday 7th May – Bank Holiday

Friday 18th May – Class Photos

Tuesday 22nd May – Sponsored Scramble

Friday 25th May – Non-pupil day

Monday 4th June – Non-pupil day (Staff training)

Friday 29th June – Sports Day (Parents invited)

Friday 6th July – Federation EYFS Sports Day (No parents, sorry!)

Monday 16th July – Open Evening 3:20 – 6pm


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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