Reception newsletter 3rd February 2022

3 February 2022Latest News Parent Year R

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have loved celebrating Chinese New Year this week and the children have particularly enjoyed the role play area which now features a wok, noodle, chopsticks and takeaway tubs for them to use. We are always looking for donations to school for lots of things that enhance children’s play and learning. Please let us know if you have any of the following: toilet roll tubes and small boxes, old tea, coffee and sugar tins, takeaway tubs, tea mugs and cutlery you no longer use (real please!), placemats, a playhouse ironing board, an old teapot and anything else you feel would make our home corner look and feel more like a real house.

Next week, to keep with ‘The Year of the Tiger’, we are exploring ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr. We will be looking at descriptive words for tigers and having a go at writing some simple sentences or words. We will explore this book though lots of actions to help us remember our new vocabulary.


Miss Mabin’s group are currently revisiting single letter sounds from Set 1 and learning to blend these orally and with sound cards and magnetic boards. We are practicing forming the letters correctly and playing lots of listening games too. The children that are able to blend some words have now taken home a small book. We hope to move the rest of the children onto these by half term.

Mrs Geraghty’s group (currently taught by Miss Druce) have been learning the special friends (sh th ch qu ng nk) and will continue to review these. They have also been reading word cards and ‘ditty sheets’ (very short sentences) which have gone home this week for practice.

Mrs Trott’s group have been learning the first Set 2 sounds and have been preparing for their first reading book. They have brought home a bookbag book to show off their reading to you.


This week in Math we have been exploring capacity and how much liquid different containers can hold. We used the words full, empty, nearly full/empty and half full/empty to describe different containers and then compared the capacity of different-shaped jugs and cups, measuring how many scoops of water each one can take and ordering these from largest to smallest capacity. As predicted, the children enjoyed this a lot!

Next week in Maths we will explore the composition of numbers 6, 7 and 8. We will teach the children how to represent these numbers in different ways (e.g. on a 10 frame, as a domino, as a numeral, as 6 individual objects etc) and will explore partitioning the numbers into 2 groups to verbalise the number sentences. The children were excellent at this when working with numbers up to 5 and we are excited to further their understanding.

For more information about some of our maths concepts, you can watch the home learning videos provided from White Rose Maths here. Next week’s learning is under the section ‘Growing 6, 7, 8’ (the first 4 videos). These videos do not need to be watched with your child as we cover the lessons at school, but they are useful for parents to understand the methods, vocabulary and types of questions we use with the children.

Key days of the week

PE kit needs to be worn on Mondays only.

Reading challenge books are changed on Mondays.

Woods sessions are on Tuesdays.

Library books are changed on Thursdays.

Things to try at home

  • Maths – Explore capacity with your child at home. Challenge them to find out which container can hold the most. You can do this by using one small cup or scoop to pour liquid/sand/rice into the container, counting as you go. Write the numbers down next to each container – can your child tell you that the largest capacity is the one with the largest number?
  • Watch the Chinese New Year video again – To reinforce the children’s learning and understanding of different cultures, you could watch the video that we shared in school (linked here). Talk to your child about what they are doing. Do you do anything similar in your family? You could also try finding out which year you were all born in (the children were very excited to find out what they were and that Miss Mabin was a dragon!).
  • Phonics games – Play ‘The floor is lava’ with phonics words (CVC words = three sound words like dog, cat, bin, get, fun, hat) or the sounds. Write them on big paper or chalk on the floor – your child can only jump to them if they can read it! We have been practicing jumping in PE this term so this is a great chance for them to show you how they can jump in different directions and land safely!

Don’t forget to upload all of your wonderful home learning to Evidence Me so that we can talk about this with your child in school!

Dates for the Diary

Monday 21st February – Friday 25th February – Half term


Have a fantastic weekend!

Miss Mabin


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