Reception newsletter - 2nd December 2021

2 December 2021Latest News Parent Year R

Dear Parents and Carers,

Christmas has well and truly arrived in Reception this week! The children have loved decorating the classrooms, making Christmas cards and writing letters to Father Christmas! We have also been busy practicing our dances for the nativity and will be trying on costumes and practicing more next week. We will be waiting until the final week of term (when we hope to have as many children in school as possible) to film the dances, so please do not worry if your child is currently isolating.

Parent Involvement

We will be holding a Reception parent involvement morning on Wednesday 15th December 2021. Parents are invited in to school to take part in some Christmas activities with your child from 9:15am – 11am. Christmas jumpers or accessories are encouraged for children and parents on the day! We are asking that parents wear masks if possible please.


Mrs Geraghty’s group have been learning i, g, o, c and (tomorrow) k. If your child is in Mrs Geraghty’s phonics group, they can watch the phonics videos related to these sounds by clicking on each of the letters above. They can also watch three ‘learning to blend’ videos here: 1, 2 and 3.

Miss Mabin’s group have been learning e, l, h, r (and tomorrow) j. If your child is in Miss Mabin’s phonics group, they can watch the phonics videos related to these sounds by clicking on each of the letters above. They can also watch three ‘learning to blend’ videos here: 1, 2 and 3.

Mrs Trott’s group have been learning and revisiting the ‘special friends’ which feature in the green speed sound book. The children have looked at nk, ng and th. If your child is in Mrs Trott’s phonics group, they can watch the phonics videos related to these sounds by clicking on each of the letters above. They can also watch some ‘word time’ videos which focus on word reading here: 1 reading and 1 spelling, 2 reading and 2 spelling and 3 reading and 3 spelling.

It is really important that parents supporting at home know how to say each sound and to use ‘pure sounds’ only. If you aren’t sure what we mean by this, please watch the following video: How to say the sounds.

We recommend practising the sounds daily using your child’s speed sound book. If your child cannot remember a sound, spend a few minutes flicking from the picture to the letter. Show them, for example, that they need to say ‘apple’ for the picture on the back of the letter a and the sound ‘a’ when they see the letter. Do this with them for 1 minute, then flick through the book from the beginning to see if they can remember ‘a’ when they get to it (or whichever letter you are focusing on). Always start with the first sound gap that they have by following the order above. By this we mean, if they cannot remember ‘s’ or ‘k’, begin by practising ‘s’ in the way explained above before moving on to ‘k’. This means they will be able to access our early words featuring ‘s’ as soon as they can recognise it.


This week in Maths we have been learning about four-sided shapes. We have looked at the properties of squares and rectangles and the differences between them and have been exploring this in the continuous provision too.

Next week in Maths we will be learning about time and will be sequencing daily routines and identifying which activities take place in the daytime and at night. We will also discuss how our families do things at different times of day and that some of us have clubs or special activities on some days.

For more information about some of our maths concepts, you can watch the home learning videos provided from White Rose Maths hereThese videos do not need to be watched with your child as we cover the lessons at school, but they are useful for parents to understand the methods, vocabulary and types of questions we use with the children.

Reception Reading Challenge

Thank you to those of you that returned your Reading challenge books on Monday. Reading challenge books are a selection of stories for you to read to your child at home. Each time you read a reading challenge story, you can mark this off on the reading challenge sheet (which has been stuck into your child’s Reading Record book if your child had this in school). When your child has shared 3, 7 and 10 reading challenge books at home, they will receive the appropriate certificate (3 = bronze, 7 = silver and 10 = gold). There is also a Superstar certificate for those children who have read all of the books! On the reading challenge tick list, there is a space for your child to draw a picture if they wish to personalise it. Please ensure that white Reading Record books are in school every day. Thank you!

Reading challenge books will be changed on Mondays (during PE) so please ensure that they are returned in bookbags on this day.


Please remember that children are not allowed to bring in toys from home. Thank you.

Key days of the week

PE kit needs to be worn on Mondays.

Reading challenge books are changed on Mondays.

Woods sessions are on Tuesday and Friday for the rest of term.

Library books are changed on Thursdays.

Things to try at home

  • Maths – Talk to your child about the activities that you do during the day and the things that take place at night. For example, putting on pyjamas at night, eating lunch in the day, brushing teeth etc.
  • Christmas – Talk to your child about Christmas and why different people celebrate it. For example, some people celebrate it because they are celebrating a Christian holiday, others because Father Christmas is on his way. We have talked in school about how lucky we are to have homes, meals, clothes and toys at this time of year as one of the children mentioned that some people don’t have a home. Lots of the children were really curious about this too.
  • Writing – Help your child to write a list. This could be a Christmas list or a shopping list, a list of food they like to eat or people in school they like. Encourage your child to hear the first sound in the word they want to write. For example, if they wanted to write ‘Paw Patrol’ we would expect the children to hear the ‘p’ sound. If you are helping with your child’s writing, please try to use the sounds instead of the letter names. Some children are ready to write simple words (CVC words, also know as ‘Consonant, vowel, consonant’ words) such as cat, dog, hat, pen, pot.

Don’t forget to upload all of your wonderful home learning to Evidence Me so that we can talk about this with your child in school!

Dates for the Diary

Wednesday 8th December – School Christmas Lunch and Christmas jumper day

Tuesday 14th December – Theatre Trip (details to follow)

Wednesday 15th December – Christmas parent involvement (9:15am – 11am)

Friday 17th December – Last day of term and Reception Christmas party (Party clothes/Christmas clothes encouraged!)


Have a fantastic weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Geraghty

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