Reception Newsletter 28th January 2022

28 January 2022Latest News Parent Year R

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been a busy couple of weeks here in Reception and the children have been thoroughly enjoying our Gingerbread Man theme. We have explored the story, read recipes and written ingredients lists, cooked gingerbread men and some of us have even written down the instructions so that the recipe can be passed on. We are very proud of the children’s hard work and engagement with this topic and have really enjoyed watching them become engrossed with their learning.

We have also introduced ‘Helicopter Stories’ in class today, where the children perform on the ‘stage’ as a teacher reads aloud a story told by a Reception child. The children really loved the first session and were really eager to volunteer to be a performer. We now have 9 stories from our very own Reception children to tell next week!

Next week we are going to be learning about Chinese New Year and how this is celebrated. We will watch some videos, learn some facts and explore through role play.


This week we moved into our new Phonics groups! The children were very excited to find out which group they were in and have all been working hard for their phonics teachers.

Miss Mabin’s group are currently revisiting single letter sounds from Set 1 and learning to blend these orally and with sound cards and magnetic boards. We are practicing forming the letters correctly and playing lots of listening games too.

Mrs Geraghty’s group (currently taught by Miss Druce) have been learning the special friends (sh th ch qu ng nk) and will continue this next week too. They have also been reading word cards and ‘ditty sheets’ (very short sentences) which we will begin to send home next week for you to help them practice.

Mrs Trott’s group have been learning the first Set 2 sounds and have been preparing for their first reading book. They will bring home a reading book next week and will be sent an online eBook to show off their reading to you too!


This week in Maths we have continued to explore number bonds to 5 and focused on using a 5 frame and double-sided counters to represent maths problems. The children have been explaining their understanding of maths very well and we are extremely pleased with the deep understanding they are gaining by exploring bonds to 5  in multiple ways!

Next week we will be exploring capacity and how much liquid different containers can hold. We will be learning to describe the amount in a container (e.g. full, half full, empty) and then move on to comparing the capacity of different-shaped jugs and cups, measuring how many scoops of water each one can take and ordering these from largest to smallest capacity. We know the children are going to enjoy this a lot!

For more information about some of our maths concepts, you can watch the home learning videos provided from White Rose Maths here. Next week’s learning is under the section ‘Alive in Five’ (scroll to the bottom and select ‘Session 2’ from the last set of videos). These videos do not need to be watched with your child as we cover the lessons at school, but they are useful for parents to understand the methods, vocabulary and types of questions we use with the children.

Key days of the week

PE kit needs to be worn on Mondays.

Reading challenge books are changed on Mondays.

Woods sessions are on Tuesdays.

Library books are changed on Thursdays.

Things to try at home

  • Maths – Using some of your child’s toys, take 5 and then hide some. Can your child work out how many are hiding? They could use 5 counters by each toy before you hide them to help them visualise the missing toys or they could use their fingers if they are feeling more confident! When pushing the toys back together as a group, tell them the number sentence e.g. “4 and 1 makes 5!” or “4 add 1 equals 5!” We tend to use both types of sentence as well as a written addition to expose them to different vocabulary and methods.
  • Cooking – The children loved reading the recipe and cooking their gingerbread men. Try exploring a recipe book together at home and decide on what to cook with your child. They could help you write a list of ingredients, visit the shop to help buy them and will love measuring and helping in any way possible. If you don’t have a recipe book for children, try visiting the library to find one.
  • Phonics games – Try playing ‘Fred says’. It’s a game of Simon Says but with ‘Fred Talk’ (when you sound out a word for a child). In school we might say “Fred says touch your… l-e-g… touch your h-e-d (head)”. You can vary this in many ways by giving them actions to do (e.g. jump, bend, hop, sit, twist, skip, run) or talking about what Fred can see on a trip to the farm (hen, duck, pig, dog, cow, sheep, goat) or even what’s in Fred’s kitchen (jug, milk, cheese, ham, jam, bread, jelly, fork, tap).

Don’t forget to upload all of your wonderful home learning to Evidence Me so that we can talk about this with your child in school! We have lots of observations on Evidence Me that are currently being updated and we hope to have them approved to send by the middle of next week.

Dates for the Diary

Monday 31st January – Nasal Flu vaccinations in school

Monday 21st February – Friday 25th February – Half term


Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Mabin

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