Reception Newsletter 26th January

26 January 2017Latest News Parent Year R

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had a fantastic week, with the children busy making Chinese lanterns and animal masks to celebrate Chinese New Year. We have learnt lots of information about this festival with the children very excited to find out more from looking at books and pictures.

Wow Moments

Please keep bringing in your Wow moment slips from home. These are wonderful for your child to share with the class and also help us build up a picture about their learning and experiences at home. If you need some more slips, please just ask!


This week the children wrote a wish for Chinese New Year, with everyone writing an entire sentence – wow! Next week we will be focusing on Mexico. The children will find out more about Mexico, including the landscape, food and lifestyle. We will imagine that we’re travelling there and think about what we’d most like to see.


We have completed our Phase 3 journey! During Phase 4 we will be thinking about how to read and spell more complicated words e.g. stamp, lunchbox, laptop etc. We will be recapping all our sounds and using what we know to read and write with more ease. As mentioned last week, thank you again for supporting your child’s reading at home – it really makes a difference! Please remember to write in your child’s reading record diary when you read school books at home.


This week we have focused on addition and adding 1 and 2 more (up to 20). Next week we will be thinking about repeating patterns and symmetry. We have lots of fun, practical activities planned to support this!

Spare Clothes

  • In Reception we have a severe shortage of girl’s tights and skirts and boy’s trousers (aged 4-6). If you have any spare at home that you would be able to donate then please bring them in. Please also remember to return all items if we have sent your child home in our spare clothes. Thank you.

Things to try at home this week:

  • Try cooking some Chinese food at home with your child. You may like to eat this together or you could use noodles to hide number or letter cards in to find!
  • Practise reading numbers to 20 (or beyond!). Cover or hide some numbers and see if your child knows what’s missing.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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