Reception Newsletter 26th April 2018

Dear Parents,

We have had a busy week with swimming starting once again. We have a new teacher and his focus for their first week back was to gauge their water confidence and teach them to safely get in and out of the pool in a variety of ways.

Swimming takes place on Mondays for Mrs Burkill’s class and Tuesdays for Miss Mabin’s class.


This week we have learnt the tricky word ‘come’ and have once again been working hard to read and write trickier words and to spot digraphs in words and sentences. Next week we are learning the tricky word ‘were’ and will carry on practising reading and writing words with adjacent consonants (consonants next to each other, like brush or tent).


This week we have been adding by counting on and subtracting by counting back. We have also played ‘Snakes and Ladders’ to help us apply this concept in a meaningful way. Many children found this moving forwards and backwards through the numbers quite tricky, so if you have any board games at home that mirror this then it would be incredibly useful to play.


This week the children have thought up some fabulous magical creatures and wrote some interesting descriptions for them. Next week we will move on to learning about dragons and how to look after them. We will write some instructions for taking care of dragons after looking at a few pictures from the book ‘Tell Me a Dragon’.

Things you could try at home:

  • Play some family board games together.
  • Ask your child about the magical creature they made. Can you make up one together and write about it?
  • Practise tricky words on phonics bloom (search it in google). We use ‘Tricky Trucks’ on the Phase 3 levels.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill


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