Reception Newsletter 25th January

25 January 2018Latest News Parent Year R

Reception Newsletter 25.01.18

Dear Parents,

We have had a great week learning our story map for ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and are doing very well at remembering some of the trickier vocabulary.

Reading Challenge Books

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm already with sharing these books with your children. Please make sure you fill in the sheet in the back of your child’s reading record to let us know when you shared the book and who it was that read it. This means that we can change them. Please ensure these books are in school on Wednesdays. This is our set day for changing Reading Challenge books; the library is not available to us at other times. If you unsure which book is a ‘Reading Challenge’ book, please check the front cover where it has a ‘Rec’ sticker, or check the title on the reading challenge sheet. Thank you.

Vision Screening

Today we had an unexpected early Vision Screening for those children in Reception who did not opt out. Please check your child’s bag tonight as they should have received a follow up letter about this. We are not informed of the results so please come and speak to us if need be. Thank you.


This week we have learnt ‘ow’ (in cow), ‘oi’ (in coin), ‘ear’ (in fear) and ‘er’ (in ladder) and the tricky words ‘little’ and ‘they’. Next week we will learn our final grapheme ‘ure’ (as in ‘cure’) and the trick word ‘are’. We will then be recapping the tricky words and graphemes learnt so far.


Next week we will continue with our ‘Three Little Pigs’ story work. We will use our class story map to have a go at writing some story sentences in our own little books and drawing some illustrations to go alongside.


We have really enjoyed measuring objects this week and using the whole class height chart to find out who is the tallest. Next week we will continue measuring, changing to weight. We will use sets of balance scales (without numbers) to compare one sides weight to the other and decide which objects are heaviest/lightest and how many cubes objects weigh.

PE Kit

We still have a number of children without PE kit in school. Unfortunately we do not have enough spare kit, so please ensure you provide your child with their own kit every week. It is best if these are kept in school. Thank you.

Upcoming dates to remember:

Monday 5th/Tuesday 6th February – Parent Evenings (sign-up sheets available from Monday)

12th – 16th February – Half term holiday

Things you could try at home this week:

  • Practise some movements needed for our handwriting, such as anticlockwise C, straight lines l, and sloping lines too / and \. You can write with different tools, such as pens, pencils, feathers, paintbrushes, straws, sticks, in sand, in shaving foam, in glitter, in the air, the possibilities are endless!
  • Try cooking something together that needs ingredients to be weighed.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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