Reception Newsletter 25th April 2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to what is going to be a very busy Summer term. This half term is a very short one, but we hope to be squeezing in as many activities as we can! Our topic for this first half term is ‘Life Cycles’ of different animals and plants. We will be looking at how frogs, butterflies, seeds and chicks/ducklings develop and grow.


Swimming lessons will start again next week and take place on Mondays.

Children need: a towel, a one piece swimsuit/swimming trunks (not long shorts), pool shoes and goggles if you wish.


This week in Phonics we have been revisiting some of our digraphs (oa, or, igh) and learning the tricky words ‘some’, ‘come’ and tomorrow we will learn ‘out’.

Next week in Phonics we will be continuing to revise digraphs (ai, oa) and practising lots of tricky words and high frequency words.


This week in Literacy we have been writing about our Easter break. The children have had lots of fun telling us what they’ve been up to in the holidays and have remembered their phonics and tricky words really well.

Next week in Literacy we will be learning about the life cycle of a frog and creating our own representations of this. We will be writing some facts down about how frogs grow too.


This week in Maths we have been revisiting counting and ordering numbers and playing some counting games in the continuous provision.

Next week in Maths we will be learning the days of the week and creating our own visual timetables of a normal day, trying to get things like ‘brush teeth’ and ‘eat lunch’ in the right place.

Things you could try at home:

  • Take a walk somewhere local that may be a habitat for frogs (such as the marshes/wetlands or a nearby pond). Can you see any animals living there?
  • Talk to your child about the days of the week and any special events that happen on certain days, e.g. ballet on Friday or Nanny’s house on Saturday.

Dates for your diary

Monday 6th May – Bank holiday, Non-pupil Day

Friday 17th May – Class Photographs

Tuesday 21st May – Sponsored Scramble (more information to follow)

Thursday 23rd May – Break up for half term 3:15pm

Tuesday 4th June – Return to school

Friday 21st June – Sports Day (Parents invited)

Wednesday 10th July – Reception Federation Sports Day (No parents, sorry!)

Friday 19th July – Natural Seaton Festival (more information to follow)

Wednesday 24th July – Break up for summer, 1pm

Have a great weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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