Reception Newsletter 23rd January 2020

23 January 2020Latest News Parent Year R

Dear Parents,

It has been another great week at school but there have been a few bugs and sniffles travelling around. Please ensure that you recap with your child how to wash hands properly, how to blow noses and catch their coughs with their hands. This will help to reduce the spread of germs. Thank you.


This week we have been teaching the children how to decode CVCC (consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant) words, such as pond, tent, lamp, bump etc. We have also learnt the tricky word said and tomorrow will be learning have.

Next week we will be teaching the tricky words like and so. We will also be teaching how to read CCVC words (consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant) such as frog, plum, swim, crab etc.


This week we have continued to focus on the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and have all attempted to write our favourite parts of the story.

Next week we will be sharing the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We will then pick our favourite characters and describe them, drawing a picture to match.


This week in Maths we will be comparing numbers to 10 by playing some fun games with dominoes and numicon. Some of the children will also use part whole models to explore different number bonds.

Next week we will be combining two groups to explore addition in a variety of ways.

Things to try at home this week

  • Search for and play Phase 2 Match Cards, Phase 3 Yes/No Yeti and Phase 4 Word Pairs. (Phase 2 is the easiest)
  • Show your child how to do a tally chart. We will be using these to record scores in our Maths games next week. You could play any simple game, such as throwing at targets, i-spy, racing etc to create points.

Dates for the Diary

Thursday 6th February – ‘Inside Out’ day (Wear clothes inside out for mental health)

February 17th – 21st – Half Term


Have a fantastic weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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