Reception Newsletter 22nd November 2018

22 November 2018Latest News Parent Year R

Dear Parents,

We have had yet another busy week but the children are really getting stuck in to their learning and all of the Nativity practices are going well. You should have received your child’s school photo proof this week, so please check bags if you have not yet seen this.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is a non-uniform day (children wear their own clothes) in exchange for something chocolatey for our Christmas Bazaar Tombola stall. The tombola is always very popular on the night and raises a very healthy amount of money for the school, so thank you in advance for your donations.



This week we learnt the sounds ‘th’, ‘ng’, ‘ee’, ‘ai’ and tomorrow we will be learning our first trigraph ‘igh’. We have also learnt the tricky words ‘was’ and ‘my’. Next week we will be learning the sounds ‘oa’, ‘oo’, ‘ar’ and ‘or’ and the tricky words ‘be’ and ‘all’.

If you are unsure of how to make some of the sounds we use in phonics, please take a look at this (old but useful) video: Phonics pronunciation



This week in Literacy we have been packing up our Space Cases! The children have been practising their cutting skills and putting pictures of important items into their own bag for a trip to space. They have then labelled their items and some children have written a sentence too!

Next week in Literacy we will once again be focusing on supporting children’s writing in their play, which will include writing lists, registers, cards, labels and sentences. This helps the children to understand the purpose of writing and to give their writing a meaning.



This week in Maths we have continued to support children’s number recognition and counting within their play and through classroom songs and rhymes. We have been encouraging the children to try putting numbers in order and to record their own numbers when appropriate.

Next week our Maths focus is to work out different ways of making 10, using the numicon and ‘part whole model’ to visually represent an addition sentence without using numbers. During this activity we will be introducing and reinforcing the language around addition and writing down what the children say.


Things to try at home

  • Pretend to pack a bag for a trip somewhere with your child. Make some labels for the things you have packed.
  • Have a go at making some playdough with your child. You can find a simple recipe on our website (click here) or search ‘the imagination tree’ for lots of ideas. You might also like to add glitter or a festive scent! Playdough is particularly good for developing hand and finger strength, which has a big impact on writing. Making your own is much more meaningful to children and cost effective. It’s also a wonderful creative resource and lots of fun.
  • Talk to your child about their school day. There are a great list of alternative questions to ask your child (available here) instead of ‘How was school today?’ – which usually results in ‘fine’ being the answer!


Dates for the diary

Friday 23rd November – Non-uniform day for chocolate tombola items

Monday 10th December – Festive Parent Involvement Morning

Monday 17th December – Nativity 2pm and 6pm (details to follow)

Tuesday 18th December – Nativity 9:30am and 6pm (details to follow)

Wednesday 19th December – Christmas Lunch for children

Friday 21st December – Last day of term, 1pm finish


Have a great weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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