Reception Newsletter 19th April

Reception Newsletter 19.4.18

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a wonderful Easter break. It was lovely to see many of you attend our Parent Involvement morning this week. The children had a super time!


Next week we are starting swimming again and both classes will be on Monday for next week only.

Swimming will then take place on Mondays for Mrs Burkill’s class and Tuesdays for Miss Mabin’s class.


This week we have been revising all of our graphemes and tricky words. We have learnt the new tricky word ‘some’ and been practising reading and writing words with adjacent consonants, such as sand, twig and pond. Next week we will be learning the tricky word ‘come’ and continuing to work hard to read and write trickier words.


This week we have been ordering numbers and using the vocabulary around more/less/in-between to work out the answer to some verbal problems. Next week we are using some of this week’s skills to help us add by counting on and subtract by counting back.


Next week we will be starting our work on fantasy creatures. We will watch a short film clip and look at pictures to help us come up with some descriptive vocabulary for our sentence writing. We will draw pictures of our own made up creature and write an exciting description.

Things you could try at home:

  • Practise the backstroke technique in the air! Many children struggle alternating arms and keeping them straight.
  • Practise writing the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0-9, making sure to start in the correct place and ensuring the letter or number is on a line. If you’re not sure about letter formation, it will be on the handout we gave you at parent evening appointments.
  • Teach your child to apply sun cream.

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill


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