Reception Newsletter 18th January

18 January 2018Latest News Parent Year R

Dear Parents,

We have had a wonderful week learning more about traditional tales and were very lucky to have seen one acted out in person by M&M productions. The school has asked for a £1 donation to help towards to cost of hiring out this touring company (mentioned in the main school newsletter last week). Many people were unaware of this and unfortunately have not donated. We are still accepting donations from those who wish to. Thank you, and thanks again to those who have already donated.


We have noticed that a lot of children in Reception are currently not reading enough at home. It is already very clear to us the differences between the children who do receive this consistent support at home and those who do not. We encourage reading of school books 3+ times a week in order to ensure your child has enough opportunities to practise, consolidate and become more fluent and confident. Reading is the basis for all future Literacy progress and has a huge impact on all areas of learning as your child progresses through school. It is also important to share other texts – bedtime stories are an excellent way of doing this. Please make every effort to read with your child. If you feel that you need any help or support, please come and talk with us so that we can support you all. Thank you, and thanks to those already doing this.


This week we have learnt long and short ‘oo’ (in ‘food’ and ‘foot’), ‘ar’ (in card) and ‘ur’ (in curl) and the tricky words ‘be’ and ‘her’. Next week we will be learning ‘ow’ (in cow), ‘oi’ (in coin), ‘ear’ (in fear) and ‘er’ (in ladder) and the tricky words ‘little’ and ‘they’.


This week in Literacy we shared the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and focused on descriptive vocabulary to enhance our sentence writing. The children have used oil pastels to draw a picture of one of the characters and described them too. We played some question games and gave clues about characters we were hiding. The children loved this game!

Next week we will learn to retell the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We will use a story map to help us remember the sequence of events and the vocabulary used to make the story exciting. We will then create our own word-picture banks to use the following week when writing story sentences.


This week we have focused on subtraction and have been singing lots of familiar number songs to help us understand and ‘act out’ the problem.

Next week we will be exploring size and height. We will be finding out how tall we are and creating a class height chart. We will also be exploring the length and size of different objects and comparing and measuring using cubes.

PE Kit

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school from Monday.

Upcoming dates to remember:

Monday 5th/Tuesday 6th February – Parent Evenings (sign-up sheets available nearer the time)

12th – 16th February – Half term holiday

Things you could try at home this week:

  • Visit the local library and borrow some new books to share together
  • Compare the heights of different members of your family – who is the tallest/shortest?

Have a relaxing weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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