Reception Newsletter 17th October 2019

17 October 2019Latest News Parent Year R

Dear Parents,

Half term is almost upon us! We cannot believe that we are halfway through the term already! We are extremely pleased with how well the children have settled in and the enthusiasm they are showing for the learning taking place in school. We have one more day to go and are finishing the half term with a little celebratory walk to the local park tomorrow morning. Don’t forget, we are still wearing school uniform and will need our bags as normal. Children will need coats too, as we will be going whatever the weather!

Reading Books

Today your child will bring home their first reading books. We encourage you to read these books as often as possible, but they don’t need to be read all the way through at once. Some of the books are longer with activities to try – this can be read over several days, ideally when your child isn’t tired or hungry! Try and make the experience fun and relaxing. Encourage your child to spot sounds and talk about the pictures. In the middle of your child’s reading record is a handy guide to phonics and reading, as well as the graphemes we are learning. School reading books should be read as much as possible by your child with some guidance and support from you.

We also encourage you to read other texts with your child – your local library has many exciting books to borrow for free! It is very important that books are re-read many times, so that your child can become familiar with the text and begin to recognise some words by sight. Comprehension (understanding) of books is also very important, so discussing stories and events is a great way to develop this.

We will change your child’s books when we feel it is necessary. They will be read with at school first, and we will see how they are getting on. Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please do come and speak to us.

Parents Evenings
Meetings will be held on the Monday and Wednesday after half term. Your child should have brought home a slip with day and time. Please come and speak to us if it has been misplaced! Feel free to arrive a few minutes before your appointment time to look through your child’s learning journey book in class. You may come into the classroom whilst you wait, whatever time your appointment.


This week we have learnt the letters and sounds for l, ll, f, ff and ss. We also revised all of our previous sounds and tricky words and will continue to practise these sounds and how to blend them after half term.


This week in Maths we have been using a variety of resources, such as five frames and numicon, to develop our mathematical understanding and how it works in different contexts. After half term, we will be exploring more and less, as well as simple verbal addition and subtraction, for example, “I have 4 conkers. How many will I have if I add one more?”


This week in Literacy we all had a try at labelling some CVC pictures (with support from adults!) using the sounds we have learnt so far. After half term we will be exploring the text ‘Room on the Broom’ and making our own potions, with some labelling of ingredients too.


Please don’t forget to put your child’s name on their snack. We are getting a lot of apples and bananas without a name on and children are getting upset when someone else takes and eats their snack. Thank you.

Things to try at home over the half term break

  • Have a look at our ‘Autumn Home Learning Challenge’ sheet for some ideas.
  • Share and reread your child’s school books. Please remember to write in your child’s reading record book when you have read school books together. Reading Challenge books still get recorded in the back.
  • Play some maths games. You can make them, such as number pairs, or find them online.

Dates for the Diary

Friday 18th October – Local Walk/Park trip in the morning

Monday 21st – Friday 25th – Half Term

Monday 28th and Wednesday 30th October – Parent Evenings

Thursday 7th November – Flu vaccinations

Tuesday 12th November – Individual School Photographs

Wednesday 13th November – Book fair in school

Friday 15th November – Children in Need (wear pyjamas or onesies to school, £1 donation)

Friday 22nd November – Non pupil day


Have a relaxing half term break!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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