Reception Newsletter 16.5.19

Dear Parents,

There is a lot of important information in today’s newsletter. Please have a good read!

Class Photographs

Tomorrow, each class will have their professional class photographs taken in the hall. Please ensure your child is wearing the correct uniform.

Drop off/Pick up Friday 17th May

Tomorrow, children in Reception need to be dropped off in the hall and picked up there too unless the work in our playground is complete. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

Sponsored Scramble

On Tuesday we will be taking part in our sponsored obstacle course, the Sponsored Scramble. Children may wear PE kit and trainers to school all day. It is likely to be warm on the day, so please provide your child with a sunhat and suncream. We expect children to have these things every day in the summer term to keep them protected throughout.

Don’t forget to return your child’s sponsorship form to us so that we can let you know how many laps they completed.


Don’t forget, we have swimming on Mondays so please bring in your child’s kit. If your child has suffered from sickness or diarrhoea, they will not be allowed to swim for 14 days afterwards, to prevent contamination of the pool.


This week we have learnt all about the different parts of plants and trees, and then made our own scientific diagrams, labels and facts. The children have been very knowledgeable and have really enjoyed sharing their facts with each other.

Next week in Literacy we will have an ‘open challenge’, which involves trying some independent writing about how to care for ducklings to finish off our life cycles topic.


This week in Maths the children have been learning how to count large quantities of objects more quickly, which has meant learning how to count in twos. The children have coloured in their own number lines to identify the twos/even numbers, and then practised counting some objects in twos, using their number line to help. They will be taking their number lines home so that they can practise counting in twos with you.

Next week in Maths, we will be learning names of 3D shapes and also about their properties, for example, a cube, six faces, 8 corners etc. We will play some 3D shape games and learn how to describe and identify them.


In Phonics from now until the end of term, we will be selecting digraphs and tricky words that need practising the most and revisiting these with the children in a variety of ways. Reading lots at home will continue to support your child’s phonics progress.

Things you could try at home:

  • Practise putting on suncream with your child.
  • Go on a 3D shape hunt around your home (food cupboards are a great place to find cylinders and cuboids, and balls are the easy choice for spheres). We will be introducing the children to a cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, cone and pyramid.

Dates for your diary

Friday 17th May – Class Photographs

Tuesday 21st May – Sponsored Scramble

Thursday 23rd May – Break up for half term 3:15pm

Tuesday 4th June – Return to school

Friday 7th June – ‘Take a Tale’ dress up day – character from ‘The Three Little Pigs’

Friday 21st June – Sports Day (Parents invited, children’s races in the morning, picnic lunch and parent races in afternoon)

Wednesday 10th July – Reception Federation Sports Day (No parents, sorry!)

Friday 19th July – Natural Seaton Festival (more information to follow)

Wednesday 24th July – Break up for summer, 1pm


Have a great weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

Designed & developed by Hambly Freeman