Reception Newsletter 14th September

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Dear Parents,

We have had a lovely first week and the children are settling in really well. They have been fantastic at coming in and independently putting away their belongings, which really helps in settling them for the day. Thank you for your support with this when dropping your child off.

Lunch times

Next week children are staying for lunch. Pick up time from school is 1:15pm. Thank you for filling in your child’s lunch choices so promptly. We are looking forward to the children staying a little longer. Please be assured that we will inform you if your child does not eat at lunch time so that you can give them something to eat at home.

Snack and Water

A number of children are still arriving at school without a water bottle or a snack to eat. Having something to eat and drink during the morning session is really important for children’s health and often gives them a little boost of energy so that they are ready for more learning after their break. At school we do have free fruit each day but some children do not like what we have to offer and so often go without. We ask that you please send them in with some fresh fruit or vegetables to get their day off to a good start.


 Mrs Burkill’s class will swim every week on Mondays.

Miss Mabin’s class will swim every week on Tuesdays.

You need to provide your child with; a towel, a swimming hat (available to purchase from the office), a swimming costume/shorts and slip on shoes/sandals to wear down to the pool. You can also provide goggles if your child normally wears these.

Phonics meetings

As we are due to start our Phonics sessions (Phonics is how we teach reading) once the children are full time, we would like to invite you to a meeting so that you feel more informed about what Phonics involves and some of the terminology we use with the children. We hope that this meeting will help you to feel able to support your child with their reading at home.

We will be holding two meetings on Thursday 28th September at 2:30pm or 5:30pm.

Please feel free to invite others along if you feel they will be reading with your child at home (for example, Grandparents). The more the merrier!

School uniform

Please ensure that all school uniform and belongings such as snack pots and water bottles are named. We are still finding some unnamed items and are unable to return them.

We also expect children to get messy whilst here. A messy school uniform means that your child has been busy exploring the resources, being creative and learning and practising new skills. Aprons are provided for the messiest activities; however it is a learning curve for children to start taking care of their own clothing. We are only glad that they are not wearing their lovely clothes from home!

Thank you for your understanding with this and for your support so far this year.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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