Reception Newsletter 14th March

Dear Parents,

It has been another fantastic week and the children have been enjoying being outside in the windy weather. We celebrated the children who ran the Grizzly on Saturday and hopefully inspired the other children to have a go next year.

This week we have continued to practise the story of ‘Supertato’ using a story map to help us, and begun to write our favourite parts down into our own book. Next week we will continue with this focus and the children will be adding more to their story.

This week we have been focusing on repeating patterns of 2, 3 and 4 objects/colours. The children have been choosing shapes to create different patterns in an adult group. We will have these resources out again next week for some independent work. Our focus in Maths next week is estimation. Children will have some fun estimating opportunities in the provision, and we will explore it further in our guided groups. We call estimation, a ‘clever, thoughtful guess’.

We have focused on spelling the tricky words ‘he’ and ‘she’ this week and also learnt the tricky word ‘was’. We have been practising spotting digraphs within sentences, which the children are doing very well at already. We will continue our digraph spotting next week. We will also learn the tricky words ‘like’, ‘so’ and ‘when’ and practise spelling ‘we’ and ‘be’.

Things you could try at home this week:

  • Research some simple science experiments and see if you could try one out with your child. It was Science Week this week and we have our own Science Fair in school next Friday.
  • Make some patterns with your child. You can use everyday objects such as cutlery or socks, or you could draw your own. You could even do some patterns which involve actions or words rather than objects.


Dates for your diary

15th March – Red Nose Day Dance-a-thon (non-uniform)

22nd March – Science Fair

26th March – Parachute and Skipping Festival at Axe Valley

4th April – Easter Assembly for Parents (9:15am in hall)

5th April – Superhero Dress Up, Parent Involvement (9am – 11am)

5th April – Last day of term

Have a great weekend!
Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill


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