Reception Newsletter 14th February 2020

14 February 2020Latest News Parent Year R

Dear Parents,

What a wet and windy week it has been! This week we have enjoyed learning lots of interesting facts about bears and are in the process of creating our whole class information books. We tried porridge and enjoyed some healthy toppings as part of our snack this morning. Thank you for all your support over the last half term. All the children have worked extremely hard and now deserve a well-earned break!

School Dinner Choices

There will be a new lunch menu starting after the half term. Menu choice sheets will be outside classrooms today and at the start of the first week back.

Parent Involvement Morning

We plan on holding a parent involvement morning on Tuesday 24th March, 9-11.30am. We invite children and parents (or other attending family members) to dress up as superheroes. Over the half term break you may like to prepare costumes or accessories. In the past, some children and parents have planned and created their own costumes. We will send out more information nearer the time.


This week we have been learning the tricky words out and were. We have also covered how to read 2 syllable words (e.g. laptop, farmyard, popcorn) by clapping the syllables and splitting it into two parts. We have also tried writing these.

After half term we will be learning the tricky words what and there. We will be recapping all our Phase 2 and 3 sounds, as well as reading and writing CCVC/CVCC/CCVCC words (e.g. flip, tent, stamp). We will also cover 2 syllable words too (e.g. sweetcorn, picnic, treetop).


This week we have been sharing a fantastic non-fiction book “A Book of Bears: At Home with Bears Around the World” by Katie Viggers. We have researched bear facts as a class, written sentences and drawn illustrations too. The children have been really motivated and keen to get their ideas and knowledge down on paper.

After half term we will be starting our new topic “Firepower” with a focus on all things superhero! During our first week back we will design our own superheroes and write about them.


This week we have been finding number bonds to 10 (number bonds are 2 numbers that add together to make another, e.g 6 + 4 = 10, 3 + 7 = 10) using our numicon pieces. The children have enjoyed this challenge with many of them attempting to record their own number sentences.

During our first week back we will be exploring 2D shapes including circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. We will name and describe the shapes e.g. straight or curved sides, number of sides. We will be spotting different shapes around us and create different pictures using some of these shapes.

Things to try at home over the holidays

  • Across school we have a real focus on vocabulary and how we can best broaden the language the children understand and use. Over the holidays you could learn some new words together and draw pictures, if you can, of what the words mean. You could also pick one word and think of as many other words as you can that mean the same thing e.g. big, large, huge, enormous etc. Sharing books together with your child is a great way of building up and extending their vocabulary.
  • Go on a shape hunt with your child around your home or venture into the local area. What shapes can you find? Talk with your child about the properties of these shapes e.g. number of sides, curved or straight etc.
  • Visit with ideas for creative learning activities.

    Dates for the Diary

    February 17th – 21st – Half Term

    Thursday 5th March – World Book Day (dress up as a book character)

    Science Fair – Tuesday 17th March

    Tuesday 24th March – Superhero parent involvement morning 9-11.30am (more information to follow)

    Have a relaxing break!

    Miss Mabin and Mrs Burkill

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