PTA has ambitious plans!

PTA celebrates successful AGM and has ambitious plans for year ahead

Every year the PTA holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is a great opportunity to reflect on the fundraising efforts of the previous year and appoint new committee members.

Earlier this month the Seaton Primary PTA held their AGM in the school staffroom and it was great to see many old and new faces in attendance. It is safe to say that it has been a great year for the PTA in terms of fundraising and we have funded some fantastic projects, including; the redevelopment of the Yr 1 & 2 courtyard, a big contribution towards the reading challenge books and a fantastic science project to send a teddy bear into space. Our biggest fundraiser was the Summer Fete which raised over £4,000 and was really well supported by the whole school community.

New PTA Committee Appointed

Karen Coulson chaired the AGM and presented the annual report. Following this we voted in a new committee for the year ahead. With so many exciting plans we decided to add in some new roles this year and we are thrilled that all roles have been filled as follows:

  • Chair: Karen Coulson (mother to Esme yr 4 & Toby yr R)
  • Vice Chair: Louise Hancock (mother to Spencer Yr1)
  • Treasurer: Trudi Hartnell (mother to Nieve Yr6)
  • Secretary: Michelle Oldfield (mother to Rupert & Arthur Yr2)
  • Publicity Officer: Marie Bower (mother to Savannah Yr1)
  • Social Secretary: Jess Wain (mother to Amelia Yr1)

Ordinary Committee Members: 

  • Angie Baldwin (mother to Adam Yr5 & Lucy Yr3)
  • Emilee Gibbs (mother to Jeran Yr1)
  • Michelle Veal (mother to Chenoa Yr4)
  • Sarah Lambert (mother to Evie Yr1)
  • Rachael Cank (mother to Charlie Yr1)
  • Stephanie Cleary (mother to Harvey Yr4)
  • Jonathan Shoebridge (father to Kiernan Yr1)

Big Plans Ahead!

As school budgets tighten, the work of the PTA is vital to fund resources that the school may not otherwise be able to afford. We are working closely with Mr George and Mrs Fontes (PTA Liaison Officer) who have some exciting fundraising ideas to regenerate the outdoor learning environment starting with Reception & KS1 and working our way up the school. This is a really big project for the PTA to be involved with and we look forward to sharing more about these projects as they unfold and develop. As such we will have a packed year of activities for everyone to be involved with starting with our Christmas Bazaar which is being held on Friday 24th November.

Get Involved.

Did you know all school parents and carers are automatically members of the PTA?

As a PTA committee, we really value your feedback, help and support. Our aim is to make a more inclusive PTA this year so that all parent’s have an opportunity to have a say in how money is raised and spent and we are looking at ways to make this more accessible. In the meantime, to keep up to date with the latest PTA news please join our Facebook Group or feel free to contact us via email

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