Mrs Fontes' Class at Seaton Wetlands

6 November 2017Latest News Parent Year 2

We spent today at Seaton Wetlands with Penny the Education Ranger.

We started with a scavenger hunt looking for deciduous and evergreen leaves, berries, nuts and twigs.

Once at the classroom base, we transformed into squirrels and hid an acorn in the undergrowth. After lunch we had to go back out and try to find our hidden acorn – some of us had better memories than others!

To understand hibernation, we turned a plastic bottle into a dormouse with a fluffy winter coat, complete with warm blood (hot water!) inside. We then built a nest for our dormice and left them to hibernate over the winter (lunch!) Later we went back to test the temperature of our dormice to see if they had survived the winter!

We then used up some energy working as a team to pull logs into a logoile hibernation area for animals like hedgehogs, toads and dormice.

Finally we helped the birds in our gardens survive the winter by making fat balls in pine cones to take home.

Our day was made even more exciting with a front row view of a kingfisher and a chiff chaff! There were bird ringers down at the wetlands all day who were monitoring the visiting birds and they kindly brought these two over for us to take a closer look at. It was a fantastic experience to round off a brilliant day exploring and learning.


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