Maths Week

What a success Maths Week has been!

It was fantastic to see the school filled with Robots and Rock Stars on Monday to kickstart our week. The costumes were amazing and everyone made a fantastic effort. The teachers had a tough job of choosing one person from each class to win the best costume prize! Robots were rewarded with a light up robot keyring and Rock stars were given a cool guitar spoon!

On Tuesday, the children got very excited about the prospect of winning a jar of sweets! They had to use their skills of estimation to guess the number of sweets in a jar. Again this was a tough competition, the guesses were all incredibly close. But the winners of each jar actually managed to get the number spot on!

On Thursday, the children had to complete a 2d shape picture challenge. Reception and KS1 children had to create a robot made entirely of 2d shapes, while KS2 had to create a picture scene made entirely of 2d shapes. This challenge was just for fun and enjoyed by all the children.

We round off our week with a Family Homework Challenge. Parents and children will work together to answer a variety of maths problems aimed at engaging everyone in some maths talk. Completed entries will be entered into a prize draw – keep your eye out for another blog next week announcing the winners. Good luck!

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