Inspecting the maze area

6 May 2016Latest News

The maze area on the play ground is the responsibility of Year 3 so today we went outside to inspect it. Oh dear! It really does need some TLC! But never fear, Year 3 are here!

As part of our curriculum, we need to write persuasive letters so our plan is to write to local garden and DIY shops to kindly ask for some donations. The children have been learning all about persuasive language and how to write a persuasive argument. Next week, we will begin to write our formal letters to the local businesses. When (or if!) we are lucky enough to receive some donations we will begin the task of fixing up the area.

If you have anything you would be willing to donate, we are looking for;

  • metal hand forks
  • perennial plants
  • compost

Feel free to pop in to see us if there is anything else you can offer.

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