Fleet Air Arm Museum

9 February 2016Latest News Year 5

Top Secret: Deployment of troops to Fleet Air Arm Museum, Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton.

Early on the morning of 20th January the recruits of Year five dutifully reported for duty  at 0800 hours, only to find that the Staff Sergeants were a fashionable 15 minutes late. Fortunately, our resident Sea King Pilot Lieutenant Hilliard went above and beyond, looking after the children until Sergeants Hopkinson and Hunt arrived.

With military precision, heads were counted and the transport (plus one civilian vehicle) deployed at 0830 as ordered. The journey was undertaken with typical efficiency and we arrived ahead of schedule at 0945 hours. The Company disembarked and was met by Commander Stu (who served as a Pilot in the Falklands and the first Gulf war) and split in to two Platoons.

Both platoons covered the following:

Designing a parachute to help pilots safely to earth after ejecting. Plans were drawn up to bring an egg safely to the floor after a 10 meter drop. Each squad tested and refined their designs and then dropped the parachute with the egg strapped below, there were several casualties.

A briefing on the History of the Allied and Axis powers of the Second World War and inspection of the exhibits of WW2 Naval Aircraft.

Investigating the aerodynamic properties of wing shapes. Balsa wood planes were assembled and then launched from an aircraft carrier. Squads then incorporated their designs to find the best combination of wing shape.

An interactive exploration of the history of Naval aviation up to the modern day. Life on an aircraft carrier was experienced as we saw planes take off and land on the fight deck. A Sea King helicopter and an early test Concorde were the highlight.

The final element of the training was a flight in the Sea King simulator. Many of the recruits failed to maintain balance, but everyone survived unscathed.

After a short debrief (and visit to the gift shop) the transports headed back to headquarters. After an incident free journey (and a restorative snooze for Sergeant Hunt), the Company arrived ahead of schedule, allowing the recruits to return to civilian life.

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