Camp Wild 2016

Year 4 had a fantastic stay at Escot Camp Wild, spending two days exploring and one sleepless night! We enjoyed lots of different activities. On the first day, we focused on team building, crossing a toxic river, keeping everyone on a life raft, using giant skis and filling a giant pipe with water. Some children got incredibly wet in that hard challenge. At the end of a fun filled day, we toasted marshmallows round a campfire, had hot chocolate and played ambush.


The second day looked in detail at the animals of Escot including the red squirrels, wild cat, lynx, otters, birds of prey and wild boar.


All of Year 4 were incredible, their behaviour was great and they learnt lots whilst enjoying themselves. A big thanks to Laura, Jonas, Alison and the team at CampWild for another fantastic trip.

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