Ancient Greek Murder Mystery

24 September 2015Latest News Year 4

agathonsuspectsAll day Wednesday Year 4 worked against the clock to track down a mystery murderer. They competed to be the first investigative journalists to publish the news story about  this terrible crime. Working in teams of 6, children were challenged to use their investigative skills and study a range of evidence in order to work out who killed Agathon, an Athenian Hoplite and Olympic champion.

They successfully used their note taking skills whilst studying interviews with the suspects. They also sifted through a range of primary sources and collected their data on an Evidence Enquiry Sheet.

When all the evidence was collected and children discussed their findings, they had to make their conclusions and have enough proof to make an arrest. Next, we will be writing up our findings for each newspaper and publishing the best articles on the Year 4 blog. Make sure you revisit next week to find out all the gory gossip!

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