Alvin in Space!

Alvin's trip to space

Following the Year 1 topic on Space, Chris Hilcox came into school on Wednesday to launch Alvin the Alien into space. It was an amazing day which all of the children were involved in and there were many excited faces and interesting questions. Chris began to prepare for the launch over lunch break and the children were able to watch this and ask any questions they had. There were many preparations to be done – the cameras had to be attached to the rocket, the tracking systems had to be fitted and most importantly, Alvin had to be strapped in! Once this was done, we had filled the large weather balloon with helium, attached the rocket and attached a parachute to steady the fall once the balloon had popped. The children were very patient whilst this lengthy process was taking place.

At 1.30pm, Alvin and the rocket were ready! We counted down from 10 and then BLAST OFF! The rocket was released to head off on its journey to space. It quickly climbed up towards the clouds in the direction of Colyton and was soon out of sight.

Chris then spoke to all the children in an assembly, explaining what had happened and what would happen next. He explained that he would track the rocket’s journey and follow this in his car. Once the rocket had landed, he would make his way to that spot and retrieve the much loved Alvin and the rocket, as well as all the equipment. Alvin landed in Tisbury, Wiltshire and was safe and sound. We have received wonderful footage from 24000 metres above the Earth and the children were all shown this.

We were also fortunate to have BBC Spotlight with us and we featured on their evening news show, as well as being live on BBC Radio Devon throughout the launch.

We would really like to thank the PTA and supporters of the school for their support behind this project. It would not be possible to have done it without them so thank you!


BBC Spotlight coverage can be found on BBC iPlayer

BBC Radio Devon coverage, from 30 minutes onwards. 

The Express and Echo


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